The Signet Residences / JBG Companies


Located in the downtown area of this transforming town outside of Washington, DC, this new 200-unit apartment building was constructed on an office-building parking lot. As part of the town’s desire to densify and enhance the core of its downtown, this new project helps contribute to the critical mass necessary to facilitate restaurants and other necessary amenities.

This new development provides a three-level underground parking structure and five levels of residential units. The square horseshoe-shaped building encloses a series of public and private exterior spaces.

As part of the development, a new playground and a new neighborhood green, fronted by a retail venue, provides extra amenities to the extended neighborhood.

The style of the architecture recalls the historic nature of the town and references a more Jeffersonian style of Neo-Classical architecture that adds visual interest and a quality of architecture in an area of the downtown core that was lacking.