The Cottage

Palmetto Bluff, SC

This new cottage is built in Palmetto Bluff, SC. While the site is capable of accommodating a much larger home, the owner wanted to create a small, classical jewel box nestled in a lush garden. Designed in 3 parts, there is an informal garden on the street side, a formal courtyard garden, and then a lush planting area on the lane-side. The informal garden is in a wooded area and features rivers of ferns, sable minors, saw palmettos, Georgia savories and a variety of lilies. The formal garden is defined by podocarpus hedges and is filled with palm trees, Chinese fan palms, coonti palms and a range of alocasias, agapanthus, cannas and lilies. The lane features farfugiums, ferns and split-leaf philodendra.

This 1,000-sf cottage was designed to be “upside down” with the main living level on the upper level allowing for a lots of light, taller ceilings, more privacy, and intimate views of the private gardens below. Inspiration came from the owners’ many trips to England hence the British colonial look and feel. The first exterior level is made of Cypress rustication with small, deep-set windows with operable shutters. The upper level is more delicate in detailing with pilasters and a continuous entablature. The main house is bracketed by tabby stucco walls with arches and more whimsical detailing.

The interior is likewise British colonial not only in the design but also in the decoration. Painted oak floors with strong patterns give the space a more casual look and feel. The rustication continues to the interior entry hall and stairs. Continuity in the color palate helps tie the spaces together. Rooms with a grand scale and high level of decoration combined with the openness of the gardens and expansive views make this a livable and noble home.