Forest Lane


While serving as Vice President, Richard Nixon, and his wife Pat, resided in this charming English Country style house. As with houses of that period, there was a strong separation of public and service spaces, particularly with the kitchen areas of the house.

When a young family purchased this imposing house, there was a need not only to renovate the house but also to create rooms that would serve the family in an up-to-date manner. Rather than adding a wing to this already large house, rooms within were repurposed and reconfigured. This enabled the family to live in and enjoy the rich interior of the main house.

Space formerly allocated to the service kitchen and butler pantry was transformed into a family kitchen and breakfast nook. The former dining room was opened up and transformed into the family room, and a new master bathroom and closets took over what had been a spare bedroom.

So characteristic with this unique style of architecture, the existing oak millwork throughout the house served to inform the design of the new millwork. The accompanying youthful decoration was done by Maria Crosby Pollard.

Photography: Gordon Beall