The Inn at Little Washington – New Façade

Washington, Virginia

When Chef Patrick O’Connell opened his Inn in 1978, the building he selected was a former gas station and dance hall. The new façade and major transformation of that building that Chef had developed served The Inn for over 40 years and was in need of an update.

This newly renovated façade was designed to “look like it had always been there”. Working closely with Chef Patrick, this new façade shifted stylistically from Victorian to Colonial Revival – commensurate with the earlier architecture seen in Washington, Virginia. Subtle, yet bold modifications included new wood siding made to look like stone, commensurate with what is seen at Mt. Vernon.

The existing bay windows were enhanced at the bottom and the top with period millwork to be of a proper style and proportion to the entry façade. The square columns were improved with a proper pedestal base and capitals while the front door was enhanced with an pediment and millwork all painted to look like stone. Custom drapes and awning added an exuberance for which Chef is well known.