Register & Sharp Residential Halls

Longwood University

Located at the heart of campus this new pair of four-story Residence Halls provides accommodations for approximately 200 students. The site of the project is located to the east of Longwood’s existing ARC Residence Hall and to the west of Greenwood Library. This pair of buildings is designed to work with the existing ARC building to create a new landscaped residential quad with fourth building closing the quad at some point in the future.

The historic architecture at Longwood expresses an ordered, traditional character, drawing from Palladian-Jeffersonian architecture. These new buildings reflect that character of Longwood University as an institution with a rich past, a vibrant present, and a promising future. Building materials, profiles, and architectural details were selected to be consistent with the appearance of the traditional Longwood campus aesthetic – red brick, white classical architectural detailing at principal entrances and cornice lines along with a standing seam red metal roofs.

Recognizing the established hierarchy on campus with more important buildings having more decoration, this new pair of buildings have simple engaged Doric pilasters which echo the porticos on other historic residential hall buildings providing a level of detail befitting these residence halls. The base level is rusticated with brick reveals and the building corners have rusticated brick quoins.