McEssy Theological Center

Mundelein Seminary

This building was the first new structure erected on the campus of Mundelein Seminary since 1930. Designed to fit seamlessly into the historic Georgian context, this building reinforces the campus not only by its architecture but in its exterior connection to the main Chapel via a pair of restored garden pergolas.

Facing an exterior courtyard with five arched doorways, the new main reading room is intentionally casual to contrast with the formality of the historic reading room in the existing library. This space serves double–duty as the central meeting point on campus for friends, family, and visitors.

This project included the renovation of Feehan Memorial Library connected by a new enclosed bridge that allows for pedestrian flow across campus while also connecting the two separate buildings. The overall project included the replanning of the existing library; relocation of stack space, creation of a new rare book room, a series of private study areas nestled within the stacks, and a new circulation desk.